Prairie Paths

Quiet your mind.
Open your heart.
Exercise your spirit.
Walk with your God.

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol of sacred space. The geometric pattern appears complex, but the path is simple~ it meanders to the center and returns to a new beginning.

The Prairie Paths labyrinth emerges from the wildflower and prairie grass field of the family resort, in Perham, Minnesota The eleven circuit Chartres design is defined by large stones. Pine needles cover the twelfth circuit, the "gathering ring", with entrances from the North, South, East or West. A heart shaped granite boulder rests at the center.

The 75' diameter Prairie Paths labyrinth, was designed, tilled and seeded with prairie grass by Sherry and George Biltz on summer solstice, 2003. In mid-July, family and friends helped "plant" 1,200 stones onto the seeded pattern. The call of the loon, hoot of the owl, and bright full moon greeted and blessed the new labyrinth.

At the resort, Sunset Beach, lakeside cabins are available for personal retreats and group workshops. We invite you to experience our Prairie Paths labyrinth, wildflowers, grasses, forest trails, rhythms of the lake, and colors of the sunset.

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